• Setup Area: at least 20' X 20'
    • Age Group: 6 and up

    • $300.00
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Get the best bang for your buck with our tactical mobile laser tag. Going to a typical laser tag arena will cost over $100 for 12 people to play one 15 minute game. That's over $800 for 2 hours of play. With our tactical mobile laser tag you can play as many games as you like, with unlimited players,  during your 2 hours for $300. 

Our price includes set up and management of obstacles and equipment at the location of your choice, a certified game coach, and 2 hours of game time. A discounted fee of $100 will be added for every additonal hour of game time that you book.

Let us simplify your party by coming to you. We can set up in your yard, other large outdoor area, school, church, or other large indoor area.

We take the objective-based play of popular video games and combine it with a great physical activity to form the most exciting live gaming experience available. Go head to head against friends and family members up to 12 people can play at a time. Feel the adrenaline rush of barely completing your objective within just seconds of the end of the round. Both adults and children can compete to accomplish missions and bring their team to victory.

Tactical laser tag goes far beyond the traditional template for laser tag of shoot and be shot with unique mission types. This means you will experience an assortment of games that will test your skills on the field of battle and see how well you work as a team to complete your objective. We play game modes like Team Battle, Domination, and INFECTION!

Our equipment was built from the ground up. Created for the soldier in all of us our equipment features multiple weapon types shotguns, snipers, heavy machine guns and more. When firing you feel it with the build in rumble feedback. Each tactically inspired unit comes with comes equipped with Reflex Red Dot Scope and a tactical strap that is light enough for players of all ages. That means less complaining about the weight of the gun and more focus on the fun!